What is Dafé?

The first thing to point out is, there is no coffee in Dafé. It takes a similar name because the same roasting, grinding and brewing processes are applied to date seeds to craft a smooth, fresh caffeine-free drink which can be enjoyed as a coffee alternative, or simply in its own right!

Most of us have tried dates before – the sticky, caramel like fruits are delicious on their own. At their centres are an inedible hard seed, which is traditionally a waste product when dates are turned into syrup or paste. Those date seeds are where the treasure is though, and can be turned into a delicious, gluten-free, caffeine-free drink. We aren’t the first to try this: historically coffee made from date seeds has been made for thousands of years in Middle Eastern cultures and can be found wherever dates are grown.

So what does date coffee taste like?

Well, first of all, Dafé is delicious. We at Date Coffee Co are proper coffee snobs, and are naturally dubious of anything that claims to be as good. All we can say is we were won over straight away! There are some similarities to regular coffee – it is smooth, comforting and has lots of complex flavours below the surface. We think date coffee is a little lighter, more refreshing, more hydrating and more chocolatey than regular coffee. Why not try it for yourself and let us know what you think? An added benefit is date coffee is naturally caffeine free and therefore hydrating rather than a diuretic so can be enjoyed guilt-free all day (and night) long.

What is the nutritional information?

Dafé is naturally caffeine free as well as being very low in fat, carbohydrates and sugars.

Typical Values Per 100g

Energy: 0 kj / 0 kcal

Carbohydrate: <1.0 g

Protein: <0.1g

Total sugars: <0.1g

Fat: <0.5g

Total dietary Fibre: <0.5g

Sodium: <0.01g

Salt: <0.025g

Why Dafé over any other coffee alternative?

We are fans of Dafé because the whole process is so similar to coffee. The roasting process and the making both use the same equipment. The fact that date seed coffee is caffeine free and tastes great with minimal processing and is more sustainable makes it hard to beat. We find other coffee alternatives just don’t have the same feel from start to finish. 

What grind size should I go for?

Grind size can depend on exactly how you make your Dafé. We suggest fine if you like to make your date coffee cowboy/Turkish style, using a filter/drip, aeropress, moka pot or espresso machine. If you prefer to use a french press/cafetière, then we’d suggest the coarse grind.

Is date seed coffee more eco-friendly than coffee? 

Dates are grown all around the world, but we make sure we source our high-quality organic seeds from Tunisia, at the edge of the Mediterranean. This means our date coffee travels the shortest possible distance to you, and thousands of miles less than traditional coffee beans. Date seeds are also a byproduct of the date industry so would normally be going to waste, instead, we turn them into a delicious hot drink for everyone to enjoy. 

Is there any plastic in the packaging?

Nope, Dafé comes in fully compostable packaging which includes the label. Our efforts to reduce the footprint of Dafé would mean nothing if our packaging wasn’t sustainable. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we use compostable, eco-friendly bags to package our delicious date seeds, ground or not. 

What processing does Dafé go through?

Once dates are picked from the trees, the seeds are removed from the fruit. They are then washed and dried before shipment to the UK. Here we perform a visual inspection before we roast the seeds. They are then ground to order (if required) and packed in compostable packaging to maintain their freshness. Too much processing can ruin the natural flavour and so we like to keep the processing of our date seed coffee to the absolute minimum. 

How long can I keep Dafé for and how do I store it?

We believe date coffee is very similar to conventional coffee in this regard; it’s at its best soon after it is ground. The great taste does not fall off dramatically though, so months and months down the line, Dafé’s unique taste isn’t lost so long as it's kept in an airtight container in a cool dark place.

Will you offer instant Dafé?

It is not our intention to offer an instant version of Dafé. We believe foods and drinks should go through minimal processing before consumption and creating an instant variety adds processing. One benefit of date seed coffee is that it’s slightly more dense than conventional coffee, so there’s nothing stopping you from pouring boiling water over finely ground Dafé and letting the grounds settle before enjoying the drink and leaving the grounds at the bottom.

If you have any other questions about Dafé that we haven’t answered here, please do contact us and we’d be happy to help.