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T H E  H O M E  O F  D A F É


Delicious. Fresh. Caffeine-free. Sustainable. Comforting. Enjoy an alternative coffee date. 

The Date Coffee Company brings you Dafé; a fresh tasting, naturally caffeine-free coffee alternative made from the highest quality date seeds. We work hard sourcing, roasting and grinding before delivering our very own date seed coffee to your door in sustainable, fully compostable packaging. Dafé is the best coffee substitute. 


Craft your Dafé however you like; black, with milk, with dairy free milk, filtered, mocha pot or cafetière, it all works. 


Think coffee, think tea, think somewhere in-between. Add a little bit of chocolate and you're somewhere near, but maybe not quite.


We believe that Dafé is perfect both as an alternative coffee as well as a standalone drink. Maybe you enjoy your morning coffee but come afternoon you're craving another, you know you shouldn't and yet a herbal tea just doesn't quite cut it. Maybe you want to eliminate caffeine from your diet completely and are aware that even decaf coffee contains caffeine. Maybe you will just come to appreciate the taste of Dafé and won't look back!